Struggles of being self published

Struggles of being self published

Hey everyone. I am a self published author and the feeling is amazing. Here is the thing that you have to realise, you have to do it if not it won’t be done.

What do I mean by it?

Very simple; marketing and publicity, formatting, cover design, and so much more. When you are self published it seems so overwhelming because there is so much you need to do. You have written a book that deserves to be out there but you don’t want to drown in all the millions of things that you have to do.

I totally get you. My first advice is that you can’t do it on your own.

Get Help

Enlist help from anyone you can. Establish relationships with bloggers, reviewers and most of all book readers. Establish meaningful relationships so that when your book comes out, you already have help. If you are on a tight bugdet, that is perfectly fine. My suggestion; pay for your cover to be designed. This is the most essential because people do judge books by their covers.

These are two covers, I paid for one and I did the other myself. If you want to break your book into the world, I usually suggest going to someone to design the cover for you. Someone who has a good reccommendation and who understands what you are trying to achieve. If you want to do this but you feel like you would spend so much money then no worries. I have a solution for you. If you go to, you can get a cover designed for as little as $5.

If you would like me to continue with this series, “Struggles of Being Self Published”, then type yes in the contact form below and until next time.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to the messages.


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