Episode Two – The Thrill

Episode Two – The Thrill

Danny jolts up from her bed and looks at the clock on the wall. It reads 4:30am and seeing that, she rises from bed and heads straight into the shower. As the hot water pours down on her body, images from that day flash in her mind.

She blocks them out and grabs a towel. She wraps it round her body and heads back into her room. She gets dressed in a black latex outfit from head to toe. She pulls her bed back and opens the safe. She pulls out the book and opens to the current page. She takes a look at the name next to ‘next victim’.

Sheila Vanderson

Sheila Vanderson is a wonderful mother to her three kids and a wonderful wife to her husband, Jonathan. She is a stay at home mum and she absolutely loves it. Her day consists of dropping her children at school, kissing her husband as he goes to work then heading back home to clean up, cook and prepare for everyone to return later.

Danny has been watching her for the past few months. She knows Sheila’s routine and she has decided that today is the best day to kill. She looks at the clock on her wall and the time reads 8:00am.

“Perfect.” Danny grabs her gloves and puts them on. Then she wears black socks and ballet shoes so no sound will be made as she walks. She stares at herself in the mirror to ensure she is ready.

Gloves, check. Shirt reaching chin, check. No skin is showing apart from her chin up, check. She walks out of her apartment and begins the long walk to Sheila’s house. She has constructed a route for herself that will take her an hour to get to the house but she would not be spotted by any cameras.


Danny arrives at the place right on time. Sheila returned home three minutes ago and right now she is in the kitchen. Danny can see her through the window. She walks to the back door of the house and takes the key that is under the mat to open the door. She opens it as gently as possible as she walks into the laundry room. She walks out and heads for the stairs then makes her way to the bedroom.

That is when she puts her plan into motion. She puts on a black turtleneck and a pair of brown trousers from the husband’s closet. She then puts on a pair of his gloves and begins walking downstairs. With no sound being made, she makes her way to the kitchen. Danny looks at the clock on the wall in the hallway and it reads, 9:45am.

She smiles to herself because everything is going according to plan. She walks into the kitchen and Sheila is backing her.

“Jonathan, have I mentioned how much I love your Fridays?”

Before Sheila knew it, hands were wrapped round her neck and she was being choked. She tries to claw whoever was choking her but to no avail. A few minutes later, Sheila lay dead on the kitchen floor. Danny heads back into the laundry room and drops all the husband’s clothes there. She leaves through the same way she came and a few minutes later, Jonathan comes home.

He always comes back early on Friday and Danny was supposed to be done by the time he gets back. She begins her walk back home because Jonathan will call it in that his wife is dead. She doesn’t want to even be around the area when the police come.

Days later

As Danny sits in her office, her phone rings. She picks it up almost immediately;

“You have a call from the correction centre, do you wish to accept the charges?”

She smiles because she has been waiting for this call.

“Yes, I do.”

“Hello? Miss Daniels?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“Hi, my name is Jonathan Vanderson and I have been accused of the murder of my wife.”


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