Writing and Running are not as different as you think

Writing and Running are not as different as you think

Three things you need to be a writer :

  • Stamina
    • Like every race, especially long distance ones, you need stamina in order to get to the end. Writing a book is like running a long distance race. It is usually easy to start a race, the same way it is easy to start a story. Then you get to the middle and it is suddenly difficult to keep going. You have to push through and keep going, the same thing with a novel. You have to keep writing, be it a story, a novel, a poem or anything creative. You have to keep going, you have to keep moving. Then when you see the end in sight, that’s even when you feel more tired. You see the end in sight and it’s so close but your body wants to give in, you cannot let it. Same thing with your work, sometimes you see the end goal in sight but it feels too stressful. If you’ve come this far, then you better keep going. It helps no one if you stop now.


  • Sight
    • To be successful in a race, you need to look straight. You can’t be looking around at all the people running as well because that will distract you and throw you off your game. You need to have your goal in mind with anything you are doing? What do you hope to achieve? Where is your sight? You need to have a clear sight because that helps you to stay focused. Don’t go around looking at what others are doing, focus on you.


  • Stance
    • The position you stay to start the race is very crucial. Anyone who runs will tell you that the right position sets you off properly. You cannot sit down and expect to start at the same time as the other racers. You have to be in the runners position. Runners have to be ready for the race to start and it is the same thing with your writing. Be ready to start your race, always have a device which you can use to write; a notebook, your phone, iPad, laptop, and so on.

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